How We Work

Here’s a run-through of the process of getting your new website live, it makes clear what you can expect from us and what we need from you. If you have any questions about the process you can call on 01482 643395.

Stage 1 - Order or Register Your Interest

If you’re looking for a new website please either give us a call on 01482 643395 or complete our order/enquiry form.

Stage 2 - We Give You a Quote

We will then provide you with a quotation based on the information we’ve discussed, or confirm the details of your order if you’ve ordered your website using our online order form.

Stage 3 - You Make an Initial Payment

We will now send you an invoice for £100 +VAT, once payment has been received we’ll be able to start work on your website. If you’ve already paid this fee online we’ll send you an invoice marked as paid. The remaining balance of the cost is due when your website is ready to go live.

Stage 4 - We Gather Information for Your Website

We now gather the information we need to build your website. If you already have branding for your business this is a good starting point as colour schemes are usually built around your branding. It is also helpful to look at some examples of other websites you like so we get an idea of your taste and the style of website you’re looking for. We will need need any text you have prepared, ideally in a Word or text document and any relevant photographs. Don’t worry if you don’t have any photos, we can provide good quality stock photography.

We can meet up in person to go through the information or talk it through over the phone/email, whichever is most practical.

Stage 5 - We Work on Your Website

We will work up the main home page and an example of a general content page and send you a link to view them on our test servers. Once we’ve made any changes from your feedback and you’re happy with everything we’ll go ahead and finish the site. We aim to have this stage ready for you in around two weeks (depending on how busy we are it can fall a few days either side of that)

Stage 6 - You Pay Remaining Balance

Once you’re happy with the finished website, we’ll send an invoice for the remaining balance.

Stage 7 - Your Website Goes Live

Once we’ve received the balance payment, we’ll make your website live and send you log-in details for the admin area so that going forward you can make changes and additions yourself. Don’t worry, if you prefer we updated the site for you we’re happy to do that.

What Happens Next?

We’ll be on the end of the phone line if you need any support or advice. We end up working with some clients on an almost daily basis updating and adding to their websites, others might do all their updating themselves and only get in touch every now and then for some support… we’re happy to work in either way.

Ongoing Costs: We don’t have any monthly charges like a lot of our competitors. After we’ve made your site live you have one years free webhosting, you will receive an invoice in twelve months time for the next years webhosting.